Tattoo Atercare Instructions

The life of a tattoo depends on the care it receives in the first few days.
Keep the tattoo covered with the bandage for 2 hours.

After this time remove the bandage.. If the bandage sticks to the skin, don't worry, proceed to wet the area down with COLD water, NOT HOT OR EVEN WARM.

Then remove the bandage carefully.
Once the tattoo is exposed, wash GENTLY with soap (One without perfumes in it like Green Tea Soap, or any non-scented anti-bacterial soap).

DO NOT SCRUB but be sure to remove all surface blood & any soap, just pat and blot at it with a wet cloth.


**Do not apply another bandage. Allow it to be exposed to the air during the healing process.

**DO NOT let the tattoo dry out (even if it means putting tattoo ointment on more than 10 times a day). Alternative ointments are Vaseline Intensive Care, Lubriderm nonscented, Aquaphor, or A&D. Find one that DOES NOT contain Lanolin*.
*NOTE: Lanolin pulls color from your tattoo & petroleum jelly can clogs pores. Keep in mind also that manufactures make many different kinds of lotions. If a rash occurs, discontinue use & try another brand.
**DO NOT apply Vaseline, Bacitracin, or Neosporin.

**DO NOT apply alcohol.

**DO NOT rub, scratch, or pick at the tattoo.

**DO NOT switch the ointment you decide to use unless absolutely necessary.

**DO NOT put a thick coat of ointment on your tattoo. Only a thin layer is needed. Remember, your tattoo needs to breath or it will take longer to heal & you could clog your pores & cause a break out. With clean hands, apply a light layer of Tattoo Goo (or whatever ointment you decide to use). Continue for about one week or until healed. At which time you can switch over to a lotion of your choice. Like Lubriderm nonscented hand lotion.

**DO NOT expose to direct sunlight for two weeks.

**DO NOT swim for one week.

**DO NOT soak in sauna, steam bath or bath tubs for two weeks.